5 Ways To Feed The Fandom


Even after hours of Tumblr browsing and watching the same movies/TV shows for the millionth time, people have to eat. But even your snacks can get a fandom twist, which is great when the new season/ film/ game/ book/ music comes out and you can enjoy it with great food too.

All fandoms have their sweet sides, and sometimes it can literally be sweets. Cookies, cakes and cupcakes are great for representing the fandom because they are easy to decorate. Take a look for yourself.

If you’re not the biggest fan of sweets, then try another equally easy to decorate item: pizza. Place your toppings in the right place and you have a tasty recreation of your fandoms symbol or identifiable moments and items, like this Pokeball Pizza.

Worried about being healthy? No worries, veggies and fruit can be turned into awesome sculptures. Just check out this Dalek veggie display.

With all these foods, you need a drink to wash it down with. Whether you’re into cocktails or prefer/ require a mocktail, many recipes are out their for fandom themed drinks, including the Goblet of Fire below.

Or if you can’t choose one thing, have a full feast! Many different fandoms have feasts in them (Game of Thrones and Harry Potter to name a couple) and leave no bounds on the possibilities, which makes it great for your next viewing party.

What are your favorite foods while engulfed in the fandom?


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  1. Wow that Pokeball Pizza looks so delicious! lol


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