Why I Am Proud To Ask Her More


It’s the end of red carpet season, and one campaign to ask women questions beyond her outfit has set to Twitter for your suggestions.

The Representation Project has created #AskHerMore to get news outlets to ask female celebrities about their career instead of asking about their dresses and manicures. With support from Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, women have taken to Twitter to suggest questions for Ryan Seacrest and his counterparts to ask the lovely ladies of Hollywood.

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As Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls posted on their websiteIf we only ask women whether or not they’re hiding a baby bump (none ya’ business, by the way!) then how would we ever find out about Julianne Moore’s humanitarian work with the Save the Children organization? What about the production company Reese Witherspoon created because she wasn’t seeing enough great female characters for her and her peers to play?” 

You can suggest your questions by using #AskHerMore and tag @smrtgrls to show media that we want to know more about these actresses and artists than if they are wearing [enter designer here].


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mikkaela says:

    I saw this movement and started reading up on it – very true! A woman is definitely worth asking more than who she’s wearing!
    xx, Mikkaela


    1. Exactly. The campaign is starting to get media attention which is amazing, I just hope it goes mainstream soon.


  2. lilypup says:

    I also saw this movement…amen! Dresses are only interesting for so long. http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/


  3. Naomi Upton says:

    Love this campaign! I think the red carpet is a great place to promote a cause/charity so we should definitely be asking more.



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