Fandoms Unite In Song


What is better than one fandom? Multiple fandoms! And why not join them together in song! The AV Brothers on Youtube  create mini musicals about varying subjects, from procrastination to Facebook to, you guessed it, fandoms. And here are some of their best fandom themed songs.

Two very popular fandoms are the Dr. Who and Sherlock fandoms, commonly categorized as Wholock by fans who are in both. Want to see what it would be like to have them together? Watch below.

Was Pokemon a big part of your childhood? Still playing all the games trying to collect them all? Well you will enjoy this mini musical.

If you think about it, Princess Leia is kind of a Disney princess now, right? Here is some proof.

Want to see multiple fandoms join in musical heaven? Then click play.

Want more musicals? Then check out the AVByte channel here.


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