Why I Am Proud To Be A Role Model


On February 12th, fashion designer Carrie Hammer presented her show “Role Models Not Runway Models” at New York Fashion Week. This is the second show she has done featuring CEOs, writers, actresses and entrepreneurs instead of the typical models.

Hammer wants to express that beauty comes from personality and accomplishments, and that women that walk the runway should be great at other fields too.


One of the greatest highlights was Jamie Brewer, an actress from American Horror Story with Down Syndrome. She became the first model with down syndrome to walk the runway, and my favorite part is the smile on her face in the above picture.

Other models included Brandthropologie CEO Billee Howard, Nexus founder Rachel Cohen Gerrol, senior editor of Bustle.com Marie Ospina and Director of Public Affairs at Coca-Cola Missy Owens.

This is so inspirational in so many ways. The media is filled with cookie-cutter, identical images of the perfect beauty, when in reality there is so much diversity that everyone should feel beautiful. By using strong, successful women in her show, Hammer is teaching us all that being a role model is a beautiful thing to be.

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  1. Claudia Wood says:

    I love this! Being strong and successful is something everyone should desire to be, instead of trying so hard to be the ‘perfect’ beauty. Being strong and successful is beautiful.


    1. Exactly! I am glad you enjoyed reading it.


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