How To Love A Fan


I’m not talking about getting a person who is a fan of you, like if you’re a celebrity with fans, to love you. I’m discussing how to show a member of a fandom you love them. Loving a fan is a tricky thing, because their devotion to the fandom is a high priority for them. But they are all possible to love, and will even love in return.


Use the Fandom to Your Advantage

By being able to use the fandom to show that you care, you show that you respect their passions and also understand, to at least a small degree, what goes on in the fandom. Plus, it’s almost a guarantee that they will be happy to see it, since it is from a person they care about involving something they care about.

Have Your Own Passions

People in fandoms tend to drift deep into the fandom sometimes, and it can be a little hard to understand if you’re not in the fandom as well. Having your own passions will give you something to do while your love is deep into the fandom. Also, it can give you an opportunity to share your interests. Loving someone doesn’t mean to give into the other person 24/7. It is a two-way street, so both people should be able to do and share their passions. You can even join the same fandom if you share the interest, but don’t feel obligated.

Do Not Judge the Fandom

Judging the fandom your love is in is probably the worst thing you can do. If you judge the fandom, you’re judging the person you love. Even if you don’t understand or particularly adore the fandom, respect the fact your love is a part of it and enjoying their passions. Simple rule for all relationships.

Go Big or Go Home

This can relate back to using the fandom to your advantage, except with the big question. Side note: girls can ask guys too, no judgement 🙂


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