Why I Am Proud To Do Things Like A Girl


Always created the #LikeAGirl campaign and introduced it with the above Super Bowl commercial. A great deal of uproar has emerged from this campaign, with both support of the idea and, unfortunately, backlash too. The idea that doing anything “like a girl” is an insult is simple agitating and is a terrible way to prevent young girls from pursuing athletics, or anything they want. Despite the naysayers, there are some girls who prove what it really means to do things like a girl, and they make me proud to do things like a girl myself.

Run Like A Girl

Carmelita Jeter is an Olympic medalist runner for the United States and was reffered to as the fast woman on earth. If this is what it means to run “like a girl”, then I am all for it.

Throw Like A Girl

Mo’ne Davis became a big hit last year for being the 15-year-old female little league pitcher that won the Little League World Series. She has a killer throw, but my favorite part about her is how she is so down-to-earth about it all. If this is what it means to throw “like a girl”, then I am all for it.

Fight Like A Girl

Claressa Shields is the first Olympic gold medalist in women’s boxing EVER! And she was just 17 years old when she did it. If this is what it means to fight “like a girl”, then I am all for it.

Overall, these women are in credible at what they do. But they are also incredibly unfazed by the fact they are a girl. They are just doing what they do at the best they can, which all girls should strive to do.

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  1. As a female who’s experienced that harsh realities of a world in which there are two very distinct, separate genders, I love the idea of #likeagirl. What’s the best about it is exactly what you said, they are unfazed by the fact that they are females, they just rock at what they do as PEOPLE! I am all for female empowerment, especially when it doesn’t actually have to put down the other sex to accomplish it (like this). Let’s just rock at what we do because we do, DESPITE our gender. Great post & I love your additional information about different influential females, I didn’t know about any of them.


    1. Thank you for reading! I am glad you enjoyed it and I hope you will read more of my blog 🙂

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