The New Face of Portraits

Face of Portraits

When you think of portrait photography, you mainly see photos of people’s faces. Rarely do you see anything else, or at least in my experience. But when I think about it, someone’s face might not be the best representation of who that person really is. Sure, its their identification, but it does not always represent what we should see about that person. I know multiple people who I think “to truly capture who they are, it would not be their face”. I could see a face and say “that is that person” but if I saw a photo showcasing what they identify as who they are, it is much more interesting and honest.

A project I have wanted to take on is that of new portraits, where the face is never presented completely or at all. For example, musicians are more known for mouths, hands or even feet in some cases. Dancers are known more by their feet and bodies. A deeper story can be told through these features than by a simple, easily-captured, smiling face. These new way of portraits can highlight a persons passions or circumstances. A mother can be seen holding her newborn, the student slaving over a final paper, or countless other situations people encounter through their lives. Sometimes the most important thing to know about someone is not their face, but what they do with the rest of their body.

That is to say that the new face of portraits is not a face at all.


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