The Mindset of Resolutions: Think More


With a new year, many people take this opportunity to make resolutions in order to change themselves, hopefully for the better. Now it is all fine and dandy to say “I’m going to do _____ this year!” but what actually matters is whether or not it is actually done. Resolutions are mindsets, where if you can get your mind to commit, you will get it done. My suggestion to get the right mindset is to simply think more.


We tend to phrase our resolutions as a loss, such as losing weight, but I find that it brings out a negativity in the situation which tends to stick in our minds. Thus why people have memberships to gyms they never go to. But, if you change lose to gain and think more, the experience becomes more positive. Why lose weight when you can gain muscle? Why eat less junk food when you can eat more healthy food? More and gain sounds like winning something. It’s an addition to life, rather than a subtraction.

Need ideas for think more resolutions? Here are a couple:

Experience More

If you live in a rut where everyday is the same, you tend not to leave the comfort zone very often if at all. As a firm believer in learning by experiencing is one of the greatest ways to learn, I think everyone can experience more. Is there something that you have always wanted to try? Do it. What’s stopping you? Probably your mindset. If you really want it, make it happen. As Nike would say, just do it.

Learn More

No one on the planet knows absolutely everything, which means there is always something new to learn. It can be as large of a project as returning to school or as minimal as reading some books and Googling questions you have. The world is your oyster as they say.

Now I am as terrible with resolutions as the next person, but if I am going to make changes to my current life, it’s going to be additions and gains, not subtractions and losses.


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