4 Holiday Date Ideas


If you have a significant other this holiday season, why not add a little winter festivities into your relationship with these holiday date ideas!

Hot Chocolate Date

Replace the common coffee date with everyone’s favorite holiday beverage: hot chocolate. Either make it at home or meet at your favorite coffee place and have lovely conversation and a delicious beverage.

Ice Skating

Ice skating can be a great date idea even if neither of you know how to skate. You two will skate hand in hand, having to catch each other when the other falls, laughing and enjoying an activity that is made for the winter.

Christmas Movie Marathon

This date is perfect for cuddling up on those cold winter days with your S/O. If it’s your top favorite Christmas movies, comedies or rom-coms, or all of The Santa Clause Movies, just pop some pop corn and curl up on your couch with your love.

Baking Cookies

Cookies go to Christmas almost as much as Santa does. So share in the delicious treat by baking with your love. It’s a great way to bond, do something creative and spend quality time together. Plus, you get cookies!

These ideas aren’t just meant for you and your significant other. You can have friend dates with your BFF and still do the same thing!

What are your favorite holiday dates?


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  1. This really answered my drawback, thanks!


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