5 Creative Gifts for Foodies

candy canes

We all have a foodie in our life. That person who goes on weekend trip to vineyards for wine tasting. That person who knows when the latest pop up restaurant of their favorite chef is happening. That person who insists when you hang out food must be involved. Food lovers add a special taste to our friendships, and you should certainly reward that with a great gift. But what to give them, when they probably go out of their way to get the foods and drinks they want? Here are 5 creative gift ideas for all of the foodies in your life.

1. Favorite Foods Basket

Food baskets as gifts is not the most creative idea ever. But whats makes this one creative is only putting your foodies absolute favorite food item in it. Whether it’s Butterfingers or Ketchup, Wine or BBQ, gather up as much of it as you can and give it to your food fan. They’re sure to love a basket of their number 1 food item.

Bread in a Bottle

2. A Jar of Memories

Food is a great way for people to come together and make memories. So why not capture that memory in a jar (or any other container)? For example, my friends and I greatly enjoy Pizookies from the restaurant BJ’s. So, as a gift for one of those friends, I made a Make-Your-Own Pizookie jar with all the ingredients inside and the recipe attached. Not only is it fun gift but also has the memories of all those great times analyzing which of the original Pizookies are the best.

Cupcake Baking Kit

3. Food Aid Kit

No, this isn’t a kitchen first aid kit. It is, however, a fun way to get your foodie in the kitchen themselves. Much like the Jar of Memories, the Food Aid Kit is giving someone all the basics they need to get cooking themselves. From cupcakes to sundaes to barbeque, there is a kit for everyone.

Red Velvet Cupcake in a Jar

4. Dessert on the Go

Why not share in the food loving fun by giving your foodie a taste of your own cooking skills. These cute little cupcake jars are perfect for quick on the go treat. Don’t limit yourself to what fits in a jar though, go as big or small as you want. It’s about what you put in the food, not what you put the food in.

Martini Kit

5. It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

The holidays are full of parties and festive fun, so drinks are obviously part of the celebration. While foodies know all about the Hors D’oeuvres, you can supply the pairings. Give them their favorite wine, a wine tasting kit, or a cocktail recipe book so they can become they next sommeliers of your circle of friends.

Want more ideas? Check out this Buzzfeed article here


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