4 Decor Themes You Should Try This Christmas


My mother is a big fan of decorating for Christmas. With that, every year is different, thus needing a theme in order to differentiate between the Christmas’. It makes the house even more whimsical, which I especially appreciate now being no longer a resident of that house. Having themes for your decor can inspire even more, like party ideas and activities for the family. So here are 4 easy themes to do this Christmas.

 A Nutcracker Christmas


Bring this holiday classic into your home this Christmas. From Clara’s home to the Pine Forrest to the Land of Sweets, there are many places to draw inspiration from. My personal favorite is the Land of Sweets, which brings magical whimsy and international flair to your home decor. The Nutcracker can even open doors to a fun party, such as a Sugar Plum Tea with Arabian Coffee and Chinese Tea, with Mother Gingerbread and Spanish Chocolates while the Waltz of the Flowers plays in the background.

A Whoville Christmas


Another Christmas classic you can bring into your home is The Grinch. The quirky and colorful tale of Whoville at Christmas can act as a great inspiration for your holiday decor. From curly toed stocking, to the Grinch being stuck in the tree to even your outdoor decorations, How The Grinch Stole Christmas has a multitude of opportunities for creative decor. You can even have a fun family night by watching the movies (either the classic cartoon and hilarious live action) and sharing the feeling of your heart growing 3 sizes by spending time with family.

The Nightmare Before Christmas


If you are more into the spooky side, then the Nightmare Before Christmas is perfect for you. By taking your classic Christmas decorations and giving them the Skellington touch, you can create a home decor that Tim Burton would approve. Monster wreaths, demon toys and spooky carols are just the tipping point! And, much like with the Grinch, you can have family night and watch the famous film. Can it get any better? YES! If you are a true die hard fan of the movie, you can start at Halloween and keep up the decor for the entire holiday season, October-December. Can’t get much easier then that.

White Christmas


Now, if you are not into the more whimsical and cartoon-y themes from above, then try this classy and simple theme of White Christmas. All white decor is crisp, clean and simply beautiful. If you want to walk into a winter wonderland every time you cross that threshold, then this is the look for you. It is the perfect back drop for many of your Christmas festivities, such as an elegant Christmas dinner with family and friends. White Christmas will definitely keep your holidays merry and bright.

What themes have you used to add sparkle to your Holiday decor?


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