6 Unique Christmas Trees

6 Unique Christmas Trees

Christmas tree, Tannenbaum, holiday tree, or whatever you call it, the concept is fairly traditional throughout many homes. Usually an evergreen style tree, either real or plastic, with traditional green color and decorated with whatever ornaments you own. It is the centerpiece to all things festive in your home, so why not try and an spruce up your tree with a unique twist? These crazy, creative trees will have your imaginations running wild to try new things for your tree this year.

I See Your True Colors


Adding a pop of color to your tree is a simple way to bring some unique flair to your holidays without going overboard. White trees have been popular for a while, but even this pink tree can be a fabulous touch to your holidays.

Don’t Judge a Tree by It’s Materials


For all those book worms out there, this is the tree for you. It’s a masterpiece in itself, and certainly makes a statement to any guests you may have. Just resist the urge to pull a book out to read it.

Trees of a Feather Flock Together

feather tree

This fabulous tree of white ostrich feathers will definitely add glamor to your home this Christmas. Any feathers can make a fabulous tree substitute for your home.

Topsy Turvy


If you are really brave and want to make a lasting impression on any house guests, you can go for this topsy turvy idea of an upside down tree. It certainly makes putting gifts under the tree a little easier.

Just Keep Growing


In a previous post, I mention a Nutcracker themed home decor idea. This fits right in with that! by having the tree magically keep growing through out advent, you will make a lasting memory for your family! Start of small and slowly get tall and you will have the perfect magic tree to beat any traditional tree.

The Invisible Tree


Want to really have a unique tree? Then don’t have one. Instead, go for this whimsical replacement by hanging ornaments at varying heights to make a tree shape. The invisible tree will definitely be a conversation starter for your family gathering this holiday season.

Have you tried any unique trees in the past?


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