3 Creative Ways To Do Advent Calendars


Advent calendars are tradition in many homes across the world, including my own. While many are simply just opening up a picture inside, many include treats such as chocolate of pastry for kids to enjoy. If you want to change up your advent this year, here are some new and unique ways to add a special touch to yours.

Great idea from a military mom! 25 days of Christmas with a book, movie, craft and snack! " combine all our favorites into our 25 days of Christmas Countdown. Each day we will read a Christmas book, watch a Christmas movie, make a fun craft or do a fun Christmas activity, and eat a yummy treat." @Jessica Watson #homeschool #Christmas

Book Advent

Instead of having a piece of chocolate, give the kids a new bedtime story to read to them every night until Christmas. It is a fun way to get kids invested in reading and to have the family bond.


Activity Advent

Speaking of family bonding, this advent calendar gets everyone together for fun activities. On each day have someone pull an activity from a jar or number activities with the dates so its already preassigned. Activities can range from Holiday Movie Night to Snow Day to Christmas Light Tour, pretty much anything you’re family can do to bring you all together. You can get a free printable of activities here.

Adult Advent

Advent isn’t just for the kids. If you’re in a kid-free environment this holiday season, why not keep up with tradition but in a more adult way. You can have a bottle of wine to try every day or any other activity or treat you can enjoy as an adult.


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