4 Reasons To Explore Where You Live


I know I am not the first person to say that you should explore your hometown/ city you live in. However, I am not doing it with the intention of cheap date ideas as many others have used. Instead, these are the reasons you should explore your city of residence.

1. You Will Get Out Of Your Rut

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut. You wake up, get dressed, go to the same Starbucks, go to work, go to the same place for lunch, go home, and so is the cycle of your day. A lack of variety in life can become dull and boring, which is not a life worth living. So get out and walk around in a place you don’t see very often or ever. For example, I live in a rut of going to school 5 days a week and staying home on weekends to work. But, when I did go out and explored downtown, I felt exhilarated and excited about the day and seeing and doing something different for once. Change is healthy and expected, so why not cause your own change with exploration?


2. You Will Find Out What Your City Has To Offer

Did you know that Sacramento has a bunch of Brunch cafe’s? Neither did I till I went exploring. I’ve done the same thing in the town I grew up in and found new things there too. We usually just try to find things when we need them (thanks Google). But we should really go out and find out for the sake of curiosity….


3. You Can Find A New Favorite Place

…and with that new curiosity, you can find a place you might want to go to and try out. From a different exploration trip, I found a place called The Parlour, which is an Ice Cream Pastry place. It sells doughnuts with ice cream in the center, and it’s just as delicious as it sounds. It is now one of my new favorite places that I share with everyone, and if I hadn’t gone exploring, I probably wouldn’t have found it.


4. You Will Be Inspired

Getting out and seeing something new and different can ignite inspiration even in the most mentally blocked moments. When I explored downtown Sacramento, I craved for my camera which was sadly at home. I was inspired by the new and eclectic scenery of cafes, movie theaters, clubs and churches that lived in harmony with each other. It has inspired me to want to take pictures, to try new things, and to even write new posts.

Exploration is a magical thing, and when you can explore the unknown of your own hometown, why not take advantage of it?


Fun fact: The above photos were all taken on my Downtown Sacramento adventure (unfortunately with my phone and not my nice DSLR)


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  1. It is funny how adventures can be right under our noses!


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