How To Survive Thanksgiving When All You Want Is Christmas


It’s that last hurdle to the official holiday season. It’s the gatekeeper to the Christmas music, movies and activities (but you can read my post on 4 Reasons It’s Okay to Already Be Excited For The Holidays). It’s Thanksgiving. And, if you’re anything like me, you are not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving. Yes, the food is great but Christmas is way more fun and exciting. So, how do you get through Thanksgiving when you’re already having visions of sugar plums?

Break Out a Board Game

A favorite past time of my family is getting everyone around the table and ruthlessly trying to beat each other at different board games. It brings us together, and isn’t that what Thanksgiving and the Holidays are all about? So break out a board game, round up the family, and have some fun.

Watch the Parade

What other time of the year do you get to watch your favorite cartoon characters float through the sky while the best Broadway musicals perform and marching bands stroll by in their synchronized glory? That’s right, never! So get comfy on the couch and watch the extravaganza brought to you by Macy’s. It is guaranteed to kill a few hours of the day.

Watch Football

I primarily throw this in here because there isn’t much else to watch on Thanksgiving then parades and football. So why not take part in America’s sport (yes I know baseball is also America’s sport) on a day where football fans don’t take themselves too seriously (that’s what the Super Bowl is for).

Help Others

Although we should help people all year round, Thanksgiving is a great day to help others in need. Thanksgiving dinner in shelters, delivering food at food banks and so many other charitable services are looking for volunteers, so why not start the holiday season in good deeds?

Go for a Run

Have you heard of Turkey Trot? If not, you’re missing out. It is a marathon that happens in various cities across the country on Thanksgiving in support of various charities. So if you’re one to run, why not get out and do it on Turkey Day.

What do you do to get through Thanksgiving?


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