Why I Will Continue To Support Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift has been a whirlwind of news as of late. She has always been known as the serial dater country star whose heart break and romance has been blasting through our speakers for years. She may have transitioned into the pop world, but we still obsess over what song is about which infamous ex and sing along to “Shake It Off” as it comes on the radio. She may be the center of many a controversy, including her removal of her catalog from Spotify and being shamed for her petite figure. However, I will always support Taylor Swift, and here is why. 


Many people despise the singer because she is infamous for making, breaking and writing about her relationships. Apparently, when a woman dates a lot of men, she is a terrible human being. Well, what if we changed nothing about Taylor Swift except for the fact she was famous? Guess what, you wouldn’t care at all. So what you’re actual mad about is the fact she is famous, not the fact she dates. Also, where is the hate for all of those male singers and actors who date tons of women? Oh yeah, no where to be found. I sense a double standard here.

screen shot 2014-08-18 at 6.17.37 pm

Also, her content is very easy to relate to. She points out that love is wonderful, break ups are awful and you can be strong. So yeah, her love life is a little crazy, but whose isn’t? Also, if she makes good content, who cares about her personal life? Especially since it is pretty much the basis of her content, so if you enjoy her music don’t complain about her love life, cause without it you wouldn’t have music to listen to. Plus, she writes her own music! How many artists actually do that anymore? So until you’ve had Taylor Swift soundtrack the ups and downs of your life like I have, I don’t think you can make a very valid opinion about the worth of her content.

Now, I don’t greatly enjoy not being able to listen to her catalog since she pulled it from Spotify, but she is justified to do what she wants with her content. If she thinks she isn’t getting what she deserves for her content from Spotify, then I support the fact she pulled her stuff. She is standing up for herself, and I will always support a woman who stands up for herself.

The fact we cloud people’s accomplishments and good qualities by bringing up the negativity that swarms their life is just tragic and pathetic. But as Taylor Swift says herself “All you’re ever gonna be is mean”.  So keep doing what you do Taylor Swift, cause I, along with many other people, will support you.


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