5 Reasons to Get Involved in Art in College


For many people, once they enter college they lose their connection with the arts. Many think that it becomes a distraction or is not worth pursuing because it “won’t make you money”. However, you can definitely still pursue arts and enjoy them without it being distracting or your future career. Here are 5 of those reasons.

(for my purposes, art is defined as the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance)


1. You can get discounts as a student

Being a college student means you get a lot of discounts for stuff. Food, clothes, online shopping and the arts are all examples of where you can get discounts. Many local arts programs, such as theater companies, ballet companies, museums, galleries and more all offer discounts to get students to come see their work. For example, I have gotten discounted tickets to the local ballet company to see their shows. So instead of a $30 ticket, I got it for $15. So why not take advantage of the discounts you get just for going to college?


2. It can be a break from school

College can be very overwhelming after awhile. Papers, exams, lectures, labs, and homework can all take a toll on students. The arts can act as a break from the chaos of essays and tests, a relief from stress and a mental rejuvenation. Painting, for example, can act as a great stress relief. Even just taking a break and going to see a play or concert can be just the relief you need to get back to work later.


3. You have it readily available

Many schools have some form of art program. My schools alone has theater, art, design, music and dance easily accessible for all students. You can take classes (hey general education requirements) and participate in extracurricular’s on campus. You’re already paying for it, you might as well take advantage of what you’re paying for.


4. You can learn through the arts

I am personally a huge proponent of learning outside of the classroom. There is so much that can be learned from watching and participating in the arts, even as a college student. A great deal of skills I use in college I have gotten from being in the arts, not from behind a desk. Our minds are still young while in college and can still be influenced and learn new and wonderful things, so why not give a little brain power to arts?


5. You can become a unique and interesting person

Many students decide to let go of their affiliations with many activities and programs after they transition to college. Part of this comes from the idea that college is the time to “get serious about your future” and where the arts “won’t make you any money”. Since so many people sacrifice passions for paychecks, those of us who keep with the arts or other activities become unique and special. How many college students will say that they do [enter art here] anymore? Probably not that many. So why blend in when we are born to stand out?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. torrs13 says:

    I love how art gives you the freedom to express yourself in ways that you wouldn’t normally get to in a regular lecture class!


  2. torrs13 says:

    I love how art allows you to express yourself in ways you don’t normally get to in lectures!


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