But First, Let Me Take a Shelfie


I apologize for the reference to the terrible song “#selfie”. But I do it with good cause! A new trend, the #shelfie, is the newer, smarter and better stepsister of the mainstream selfie. A group of some very smart and amazing women, including Meredith Walker (one of the co-creators for Smart Girls at the Party) and Wendi Aarons (an award-winning humor author), have taken photos of their bookshelves to show their passions, interests, and to promote reading.

I find this an amazing idea, and I am glad someone thought of it. If you want to see the original shelfies, go the the One blog article here.  But first, here is my #shelfie


Being the full time college kid that I am, my shelf is full of textbooks. Sadly, I don’t have the majority of my book collection with me since I feel very nomadic (I don’t live in my college city during breaks and change housing all the time). My nerdy side has to have Four, the companion book to the Divergent series. I also want to make the most of my education, thus why I have 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate. And my current read-for-fun is Record Collecting for Girls, which is about the music industry and woman’s involvement.So this is the reflection of my current interests with a drop of personality.

What is your #shelfie?


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