Without the Old, There’d Be No New

In an age where we wait all night to replace our perfectly fine cell phones, we forget where all that technology came from. We’re always plugged in; never looking up from our screens and only listening to our playlists.

Film Camera

I have a fascination with old technologies. Record players, vintage film cameras, vinyl, typewriters, and many others intrigue me and delight me when in my possession. It’s like holding a piece of history. These old technologies were the stepping stones to our current phones, computers, tablets and more. Vinyl led to cassette tapes which led to compact discs which led to mp3 which led to instant streaming and apps such as Pandora and Spotify. Film cameras were the predecessor to DSLR’s and the smartphone camera. Without these past technologies, we wouldn’t have all the screens we never look away from or the playlists that we blast through our headphones.

Record Player

I commonly find that old technologies hold so much more character. I don’t know where all of my vintage cameras have been and seen, and that intrigues me. I listen to a vinyl record and wonder who else has listened to this and what did they feel. These old technologies have stories that our current technologies can’t tell, even if you do ask Siri.

Vintage Typewriter

So while you’re staring at your iPad playing Angry Birds and listening to your Spotify playlist, remember that the piece of glass in your hand has evolved from so much more, and we all need to appreciate that fact more.


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